Wiki trade

Unlike other games, in star supremacy, players

create trade routed to gain more gold and other

resources especially when players are offline.

Condition of creating trade route:

Each trade route from a colony requires an additional level in your space port.

Requirement of creating trade route:

After capturing a resource node or assaulting an enemy colony, you can choose to dispatch a fleet to link your colony to the target. You can also create links between your own colonies to transport resources.

Function of trade route:

Trade routes to resource nodes and enemy colonies gather resources and return them to your colony even players are offline.

Trade routes between your colonies can be set to transport resources to or from each colony as well as having the ability to balance the resources between the colonies. Each different resource can be allocated its own mode allowing you to organize the economy of your empire.

As long as it exists, trade route generates gold automatically without a break. More trade routes, more gold generated.