You have complete control over the ship designs you choose to build and can also name your own designs. Each ship assembled is made of its chassis, weapons and modules. Remember that different weapons have strengths and weaknesses so utilize them accordingly in battle.

Classification of ship chassis: Edit

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The smallest of your fleet, these ships cannot travel between locations on their own and require transportation within fighter bays.

Small Ship:

Including the transport and gun ship, these vessels have the best turret to cost ratios allowing for quick destruction of enemy aircraft.

Large Ship:

The larger Frigates have powerful capital weapons that make short work of smaller ships.

Super Ship:

The most dangerous Cruisers concentrate on heavy firepower but lack effective protection against aircraft unless carefully designed.

Examples of weapons:Edit

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Missiles: Edit

Long range allowing for the first hit

. They can be shot down with the correct turrets.


Deal very heavy damage to larger ships, but only work at short range.

Torpedo: Edit

The most powerful explosive technology. They must be manually activated as they have limited ammo available.

Lasers and Lances: Edit

Powerful energy weapons that can only be stopped with effective shielding.

Gauss Gun: Edit

Rapid fire weapons that can hit multiple small targets.

Flak Cannon: Edit

Acting less as a weapon and more for defense, they fill the skies with debris to shoot down incoming missiles.

Examples of modules:Edit

Armor: Edit

Increase your raw defense against attacks.

Fighter Bays: Edit

The only way to allow aircraft to join your fleets. Larger chassis types can hold more aircraft per fighter bay.

Shields: Edit

Provide amazing defense against energy weapons, but are ineffective against other attacks.

Targeting System: Edit

Increases the effective range of your weapons allowing you to fire first.

Scramblers: Edit

Enables electronic warfare by lowering the efficiency of your enemys targeting systems.