Seismic Stabilizer
the Seismic stabalizer is an important building for later game colonies.

it improves the ground so better structures can be build 1 change per level.


  • Research facility level 3
  • Engineering facility level 3
  • 18000 gold
  • colony comander level 30 min

once researched it only needs a level 30 comander in the colony and a rough ground (or open) to build it.

The stabiliser fixes 1 plot each time it is upgraded. it will fix them in the following order...

  • unstable ground (unusable)... converts to rough ground
  • rough ground (no building)... converts to open ground
  • rough ground (building) ... converts to open ground.

If it has a choice it will pick between the plots randomly.

For example; if you have 2 unstable ground and a rough ground (open) in the colony it will first convert 1 of the 2 unstable grounds to rough first, then the other one, then will pick one of the 3 rough grounds (open) to fix untill all are fixed (at level 5) to open ground. Then if you continue to upgrade it will pick a random rough ground under a building to fix.

I have not been game to try upgrading it one more time once there was no more rough ground left. (a difficult ask anyway). BUT should you demolish the stabiliser and build another it will not fix any new areas untill it has passed the old one in level. Only 1 stabilizer can be built per colony.

Also you can demolish it if you are finished with it and the areas will remain the same (rough or open) that they were changed to.

Seismic Stabilizer costs
level ore costs Goods costs
1 100 50
2 200 50
3 400 100
4 800 200
5 1500 400
6 3000 800
7 6000 1500
8 12000 3000
9 25000 6000
10 50000 12000