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There are three factions in star supremacy: UEO, Seeker and Altairian. Each faction has a different research tree from other factions.

UEO focus on projectile weapons.

Altairian focuses on energy weapons.

Seeker focuses on aircrafts.

Players have chances to learn other factions’ tech in the random research. It takes some B-creds and time as well.
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Research can be broken down into 3 basic types.

Types of researchEdit


Faction research always avaliable to research as mentioned above each faction has its own tree.


Covert research are all the projects that you can't research in faction research. There is a option to research 6 different projects, every hour these projects will be refreshed so some new projects come in, some projects will remain in project even though it has refreshed. A player can pay a B-cred to instantly refresh the covert research.

If you have been having trouble unlocking new techs (like buildings) try raising the research buldings lvl and your commander level too.

Doing the ResearchEdit


Projects can be researched by spending credits on them. Higher the level of the research project, the more credits you will need for the project. The research project will be locked (greyed out) unless you have the required number of credits to spend on the project.

Also, some research projects need a minimum level in buildings like Research Facility, Weapons Facility, High Energy Facility or Engineering Facility. If the name of a building is highlighted in red when you click a locked research project, you will need to raise its level.

Time to finish:Edit

Each research project takes a certain amount of time to be researched. The higher and more complicated projects take longer to be researched.

The speed of research can be increased by increasing the level of the Research Facility. Doing this will reduce the time taken to finish a research project.


The user may sometimes want to cancel the current research project in order to start a Covert Research project. Covert Research options get refreshed every hour, and the current options may not be available again after refresh.

The user can cancel the progress of a research project at anytime before its completion. Cancelling with refund all the credits spent on the research. However, the progress in not recoverable even if the same project is researched again.