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Players who first step into Star Supremacy receive a battle tutorial and an open ended beginner tasks to learn to build their first colony. Basic defense and attack training are included. When beginners quests are completed, the player will acquire their beginners gift bag, including abundant resources and practical items. They will also have full access the quest system. The quest system of Star Supremacy includes: Main Missions, Daily Quests, and Challenges.

Main Missions Introduction:

Main Missions tell players the story of star supremacy. It guides players to continue their way in star supremacy after the tutorial.

Daily Quests Introduction:

Daily Quests are also known as routine tasks. They include various quest types and players can complete them repeatedly every day. Sticking to completing daily quests will help players get access to vast resource or item rewards.

Challenges Introduction:'

Challenges are much more difficult. Players need to reach some specific conditions to complete them. After completing leader quests, players will get access to more uncommon rewards.


o has donated enjoys a protection period, during which they cannot be kicked.

Alliance Succession: '

If the alliance leader quits his alliance, the player with the largest donation will be assigned as the new alliance leader. Also, if a leader is offline for too long, members have the right to dismiss the leader.