Each Commander in Star Supremacy has two of five Combat Formations available to him or her based on their two highest attribute ratings. Every formation has an advantage over two other formations.

Types of FormationsEdit

Before each round, players have to choose which commander to send into battle and one of two formations available to their commander. One should also note that the Formation Bonus only applies if the chosen formation has the advantage over the opponent's formation. If both sides choose the same formation, no bonus applies to either side.

Glory CommandingEdit

  • VS Evasive Winds: Greatly Reduces Commander power loss.
  • VS Steadfast Hold: Reduces Commander power loss.

Evasive WindsEdit

  • VS Steadfast Hold: Greater chance to Dodge
  • VS Critical Flow: Small chance to Dodge

Steadfast HoldEdit

  • VS Critical Flow: Greatly Increased Ship Armour
  • VS Broadside Strike: Increased Ship Armour

Critical FlowEdit

  • VS Broadside Strike: Greater chance of Critical Strike
  • VS Glory Commanding: Small chance of Critical Strike

Broadside StrikeEdit

  • VS Glory Commanding: Greatly Increased Ship Damage
  • VS Evasive Winds: Increased Ship Damage

Stat ScalingEdit

The effect of each formation is increased by the value of the commander's corresponding stat.

  • Charisma reduces the amount of power lost when using the Glory Commanding Formation.
  • Ingenuity increases the dodge chance when using the Evasive Winds Formation.
  • Financier increases the amount of bonus armour when using the Steadfast Hold Formation.
  • Efficiency increases the critical chance when using the Critical Flow Formation
  • Tactics increases the amount of bonus damage dealt when using the Broadside Strike Formation.

The exact effect of each stat on the bonus is still unknown.