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Introduction to equipment attributes:

Equipment name: Each piece of equipment is coloured according to its quality.

Equipment type: weapon, helmet, neck, chest, ornament.

Equipment level: the lowest level requirement to wear this equipment.

Basic attributes: charisma, efficiency, ingenuity, tactics, financier.

Special attributes: some equipment provides special bonuses to particular weapons or ship types that can prove invaluable.

Suit attribute: Collecting a set of equipment can greatly increase attributes.

Selling price: sell to the system to acquire credits

Introduction of Equipment Classification:

There are 8 empty equipment slots on each commander, including slots for weapon, helmet, neck and chest items, as well as 4 ornament slots. Ornaments can each be used in battle, and can cause damage to the target or can provide a temporary boost to your abilities.

Introduction of Equipment Quality:'

Equipment is currently divided into general, excellent, epic and legend. The higher the quality, the better the equipment attributes are.

General equipment

Excellent equipment

Epic equipment

Legend equipment