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Source of Commanders: '

Players can acquire commanders via quests, recruitment, capture, rebirth etc. Commanders of different qualities have different colors. Currently, there are normal, main and elite commanders.

Commander''s attributes: '

  • Charisma: affects the max activity queues of the colony, and leader capacity within fleets

  • Efficiency: affects the colony resource output and fleet fuel loss.

  • Ingenuity: affects the armor of ship and ship construction time.

  • Tactics: affects the strength of colony shielding and the damage of ship weapons.

  • Financier: affects research rate and the credit income from trade routes.

Leader Experience: '

When a leader acquires enough experience, they can choose to level up or remain at the current level. Leveling up a leader increases their attributes and provides them with an extra free attribute point to assign as you wish.

Leader Energy:'

Commanders lose energy in combat. When a commander’s energy reaches zero, they can do nothing. Energy can be returned automatically from items or by resting the commander in a colony. Joining an alliance can quicken the energy return rate.

Commander Loyalty:

After the combat victory, the commander loyalty increases. After the combat failure, the commander loyalty decreases. The commander whose loyalty is zero can’t be operated. Players can return the commander loyalty via using items.

Commander Rebirth:

By using the longevity token, players will have the chance to find a more powerful commander. However, if the token fails it disappears. If an alliance take a space fortress for over 5days, each member of the alliance will get one longevity token.

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