Wiki battle

Your targets for battle are the valuable

resource nodes scattered across the

worlds as enemy colonies. Your first

colony is safe from attack at all times, but

once you venture off planet be wary of

who is around you!

Resource Nodes can be Raided and Captured: '

Raiding: After defeating the guards, you steal a large volume of resources and return home.

Capture: After defeating the guards, your fleet remains at the node and you can create a trade route to constantly gather the resources.

Enemy Colonies can be Assaulted and Obliterated:'

Assault: If you can defeat the enemy garrisons, you can establish a trade route to steal resources from the enemy. You must hurry though as their allies will be quick to counter attack!

Obliterate: Allows your fleets to attack the enemy colony directly and damage their buildings. You will need the most powerful weapons to accomplish this effectively.

Combat Operation: '

The combat system of star supremacy is turn-based with expansions and creativity. There is a brand new system called “Tactic Mode” in star supremacy. When in combat, players have control over which tactic to use, which of your fleets to engage the enemy, when to launch your aircraft into the attack and when to use your special abilities and so on. Players can acquire experience and resources after combat, and have a chance of getting items.

Tactic instruction

Each commander has two tactics based on his or her two highest attributes. There are five different types of tactics: Rapid, Glory, Crit, Defense and Fire. These five tactics restrain each other. Players need to choose a tactic before each turn in a battle.