Wiki alliance

The conditions of joining or creating an alliance:

Joining an existing alliance requires you to build one Lv1 Commercial Center.

Creating your own alliance requires a Commercial Center at Lv3.

Alliance Benefits:

1. Increased trade route income depending on the size of the alliance.

2. Increased experience gain when defending your allies.

3. Increased energy recovery rate.

4. Boosted research rate. This factor varies depending on what your alliance allies have already researched.

Alliance Upgrade:

The number of members within an alliance is fixed based on its level. It costs certain gold or B-Creds to increase the max number of members an alliance can hold.

Rights of the Alliance Leader: '

The alliance leader can upgrade the alliance and kick members who do not donate to the cause.

Alliance Donation: '

All the alliance members can donate credits or B-creds for the alliance upgrade. Any member who has donated enjoys a protection period, during which they cannot be kicked.

Alliance Succession: '

If the alliance leader quits his alliance, the player with the largest donation will be assigned as the new alliance leader. Also, if a leader is offline for too long, members have the right to dismiss the leader.